30 Photos Proving That Cats Were Sent From Heaven to Put a Smile on Your Face

The oldest cat in the world named Creme Puff lived long enough to see her own 38th birthday. We can only imagine how many hilarious moments she brought to her owners’ lives. Maybe some of them resembled the moments on this list! At Bright Side, if we see some photos of gorgeous cats, we just can’t look away! And we definitely can’t stand not sharing them with… Read More »

Hysterical Photos of Dogs Testing Their Owner’s Patience to the Max

According to a study at Cornell University, dogs were domesticated between 9,000 and 34,000 years ago. Since that time they have been hunting, guarding, sniffing, transporting, and doing other things to help people in their everyday life. They also give us a lot of joy and help to reduce our stress level. But as our article shows they can also check our patience. Bright Side found some doggies who… Read More »

20+ Pets That Can Get Cozy Just About Anywhere

All cats have a superpower: they can get comfortable anywhere. From a marble statue to their owner’s shoes — they feel great everywhere. By the way, it’s not just cats that have this great talent. Bigger animals can do the same thing: there is a bonus photo at the end of a siesta in the zoo. This cat wants more attention.

20 Animals Who’ve Lost All Sense of Shame

The problem with animals is that they don’t always choose to be cuddly and nice. Sometimes they can even be extremely catty, and create mayhem and destruction around our homes. When they go mad there is nothing that can stop them. They will get what they want by any means, without paying attention to any rules you’ve tried to set before. Today, Bright Side realized that… Read More »

8 False Facts That Make Us Believe Dolphin Shows Are a Lot of Fun

The average life expectancy of dolphins in the wild is 20-30 years, and when they live in captivity, these numbers shrink by at least 2 times. And some animals can only live in a swimming pool for several years. Without making it public, dead dolphins are replaced with new ones. Because the show must go on, no matter what. A number of countries have passed laws that prohibit dolphin shows, but in some… Read More »

20 Animal Photos That’ll Heal Your Soul Better Than Psychotherapy

Some animals just have a way of putting a smile on your face. Whether they are being too cute or a little wacky, animals have the power to make your day and the magic of photos makes their funniest moments last forever. Bright Side has some photos of our animal friends who are sure to warm your heart and soul. 1. To be fair, every day must feel… Read More »

18 Animals Who Look Exactly Like Celebrities

They say that we all have at least 7 doppelgangers in the world — and those people can live in any corner of our planet, but they look exactly like us. However, we can also meet our look-alikes in the animal world and it seems that famous people know that for sure. We at Bright Side gathered 18 photos of animals who turned out to be celebrity doppelgangers. 18. Thomas Brodie-Sangster

20 Animals Who Hit the Genetics Jackpot

As much as different and interesting colors in nature are considered mutations, just like in comic books — not all mutations are bad. Some of them have given us majestic creatures that are captivating in their appearance. Beauty literally radiates from their genes. We at Bright Side can’t wait to show off these peculiar and just plain gorgeous animals that we’ve found. This time we have 20 creatures to brighten up your… Read More »

24 Dogs Who Love Their Humans So Much, Their Gazes Are Worth a Million Words

Dogs have been man’s best friend for centuries. As guard dogs, cattle dogs, and hunting dogs, they’ve served us well as working professionals, but their fluffiness and loveable personalities have made us keep them in our home as family, rather than helpers. Luckily, the love we have for them is truly mirrored back to us and it’s the most adorable thing ever. Here at Bright… Read More »

21 Animal Photos That Prove Nature Is a Color Guru

Apparently, the beautiful landscapes and sights nature provides for us to look at and admire aren’t enough, because it has one-upped itself with these animals that are covered in unique fur markings and patterns. They make us wonder if they’re real or if nature has learned how to use Photoshop! Bright Side would like to share 21 animals with you whose fur is nature’s canvas. Also, we prepared an interesting bonus… Read More »