27 Maine Coons Who Know They’re Kings, and We Can’t Argue With That

When “big cats” are mentioned, the first things that come to our minds are lions, tigers, panthers, etc. However, wildcats aren’t the only ones that can grow this big. There’s a domesticated cat breed called Maine Coon and for some people, they’re gentle giants, but for others; they’re arrogant. But one thing is certain, they’re absolutely massive! We at Bright Side are… Read More »

20 Astonishing Animals Whose Size Is Beyond Our Understanding

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24 Adorable Animals Who Should Get the “Best Mood Lifter” Award

Everyone knows that even several minutes of communication with a pet can be a great antidepressant or improve a bad mood. All kinds of animals can teach us about love without a single word and they can easily make us laugh. We at Bright Side never get tired of watching pets and if we can’t play with one at the moment, at least we can enjoy photo compilations like this one. Mr. Wink ©… Read More »

23 Warm Photos That Prove Animals Are Made of Love

When the Universe was creating animals, it wasn’t stingy with love and gave as much of it as possible to these wonderful creatures. The way our pets look at us and the way they ask for hugs and attention makes us feel something similar to butterflies in our stomach. Bright Side once again got overwhelmed by our unlimited love for animals after looking through the photos from… Read More »

26 People Who Hoped for a Sea of Feline Love but Got an Ocean of Problems

Vets say that when cats bite, it means that they are either expressing love, hate, or trying to protect their territory. But cat owners know that a bite is probably the smallest thing that a cat can do. It can be much worse when they are jealous, angry, and destroy everything around them. Especially if this cat is not your cat! Bright Side is convinced that people should forgive even… Read More »

23 Adorable Photos Proving That Children Can’t Live Without Pets

It’s so nice to always have your friend near you even if this friend has fur and doesn’t understand the human language. And it’s even better if you’ve had such a friend since you were a child. And the children from our compilation definitely agree with this. We at Bright Side consider the way children and pets find common ground to be another wonder of the world.… Read More »

People Are Posting Photos of Their Newfoundlands to Show the World How Ginormous They Really Are

Every owner is proud to share their pet’s pictures, but it’s a double joy when you know those who see it will just say, “Wow!” This is true about Newfoundlands, strong and brave working dogs whose weight can reach up to 150 pounds. These dogs are so big and charismatic, they can easily steal the show wherever they appear. Here at Bright Side, we’ve found some gorgeous pics… Read More »

30+ Adorable Bunnies to Put You in the Easter Spirit

Around the world, the Easter Bunny has many friends who help him deliver candy and presents to children on his namesake holiday. In Germany, children once had a fox or stork serve as their Easter mascot. Swiss children might get chocolate from a cuckoo. In Australia, there is a campaign to make the Easter Bilby the local hero. Regardless of who’s bringing you holiday cheer, we can all agree that bunnies… Read More »

9 Drastic Differences Between Cats and Dogs That Prove They’re From Different Planets

It’s known that most pet lovers are either cat people or dog people. And even scientists are trying to find out what the difference between the owners of these pets is because cats and dogs really are very different. And while scientists are trying to crack this mystery, Bright Side illustrated the brightest moments of the lives of pets and their owners. 9. 8. 7. 6.… Read More »